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Updates from my Google Summer of Code 2016 project “Semi-Realtime MIDI: an alternative method of note entry” with MuseScore. The aim is to provide MuseScore with the ability to generate automatic music transcriptions from live performance information.

GSoC Week 2 – First attempt at Semi-Realtime MIDI

This was my second week working on note entry with MuseScore for Google Summer of Code. Having figured out MuseScore’s existing implementation of note entry last week, this week I was able to make real progress with the new modes. In fact, I think it’s time for another video!

This week’s summary:

  1. Rhythm input mode nearly complete!
  2. Basic implementation of auto and manual semi-realtime modes
  3. Changes to the audio sequencer to allow metronome ticks in note entry mode

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GSoC Week 1 – Rhythm input and switching note entry modes

This is the second blog post about my project to improve note entry in MuseScore as part of Google Summer of Code. In my first post I explained how the new note entry modes would work from the user’s point of view. For the past week I have been laying the foundations for the new modes in MuseScore’s code, including the ability to switch between different input modes. This was my first week of actual coding, so I also spent some time familiarising myself MuseScore’s code structure and the existing note entry mode. Continue Reading

Selected for Google Summer of Code 2016 with MuseScore!

I am delighted to say that I have been selected to work with MuseScore for this year’s Google Summer of Code! My project is titled “Semi-Realtime MIDI”, and the aim is to create a new mode of note entry for MuseScore – or actually a few different modes – that would basically allow users to enter notes by performing the piece on a MIDI keyboard and having MuseScore translate the performance into the correct musical notation.

You can keep up with my progress at the following locations:

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